Advice tailored to your needs

Consilium has the essential expertise and knowledge to design an investment portfolio that meets your current and future financial goals.

The key elements of private investment management are:

  • Portfolio management of the first order and a careful selection of investments ;
  • Tax efficiency ;
  • Simplified and detailed reports ;
  • Preferred rates.

Our method

Consilium uses a wide range of award-winning portfolio managers, selected for their proven success, their added value and diversity. This allows us to create a comprehensive portfolio that accurately reflects your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Investment management, especially within volatile markets, requires qualified specialist’s expertise and good judgment.

The wide range of portfolio options allows us to look for investment opportunities that are diversified not only within assets classes such as equities, bonds and real estate, but also in relation to geographic distribution, capitalization market, industry, and investment style.

Every investment is continuously monitored and evaluated by Consilium in order to ensure their strategic orientation and constant returns.


Ask yourself what are you want from your investments, how often you wish to re-examine your portfolio and how much risk you are willing to take along the way.

Risk management is at the heart of our investment process

Previous market cycles have taught us to expect the unexpected, and to have in place the necessary personnel and the methods required to manage risk, and seize the opportunities in global markets.

Consilium and risk management

Taking part in markets implies risks. Thus, we employ an overall disciplined approach, examining risk and return from various angles. Our process is based on our belief that the risk must be :

Understood Thought out Rewarded
We strive to make sure that the risk is accepted and understood, as per the securities, the portfolio and the operational plan. Each decision regarding risk is intentional and thought out and within the portfolio’s strategy. To each risk must correspond a possibility of proportional gain.

Experienced portfolio managers, proven investment strategies

For all our investment strategies, managers are selected for the composition of the portfolio and research analyses reflect our fundamental research-based method. We actively assess the risk at each stage of the investment cycle, particularly at the moment of choosing investments and the composition of the portfolio, but also within the regular examination of the portfolio.

Tax planning

Management of tax-advantaged investments consists, for the non-registered accounts, to achieve compound returns with tax deferral. The need for tax planning grows at the same rate as your wealth. Consilium manages tax planning beyond conventional strategies such as RRSPs, delivering products and solutions that may help reduce your tax burden and maximize your portfolio’s potential for growth or income.

When the need for income from your portfolio is necessary, Consilium analyses strategies that allow you to create fully customized sources of revenue on a monthly basis that are tax-advantaged, while your savings continue to grow.


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