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Risk Management

In the present global economy businesses must face important operational risks. In risk management we do not only manage your catastrophic exposures but your business and strategic risk. We employ specific tactical and operational risk reduction strategies that aim to lower your overall total cost of risk, not simply your insurance premiums. We accomplish this through prevention, mitigation, transfer, assumption and finance.

Solution PME

L’exploitation d’une petite entreprise est un défi constant. Qui plus est, en raison de la période économique difficile que nous traversons, toute perte financière peut menacer la viabilité de l’entreprise. Consilium offre un éventail de solutions d’assurance aux propriétaires de petites entreprises afin de les aider à compenser les risques auxquels ils font face.

Career Insurance (athletes and artists)

You give your body and soul to your career and we understand the realities of risk and know how to protect against them. Despite your best efforts the threat of accident or illness can put an end to your professional career. Our team of experts can discreetly design a custom career insurance plan to protect your future earnings.

Machinery breakdown insurance

All properties are exposed to the risk of machinery breakdown, weather this is a boiler, your heating or cooling systems, computers or production machinery. Commercial insurance contracts do not generally cover machinery breakdown and it is therefore necessary to insure against this exposure separately.

Machinery breakdown insurance covers pressure machines, electrical machines and mechanical machinery (boilers, compressors, turbines, transformers, electrical panels). Production machines and computer equipment can also be added to the machinery breakdown policy.


La nécessité d’un cautionnement équilibré et bien géré se présente à toutes les étapes de la vie d’une entreprise, que ce soit quand elle est jeune et en train de se construire ou plus tard, quand elle est bien établie mais cherche des solutions plus élaborées, pour aborder des plans plus ambitieux.

Nous pouvons vous orienter vers des compagnies qui offrent des politiques d'analyse très stables et les meilleures conditions possibles.

Builders Risk & Wrap-up Liability Insurance

Our team of experts are able to propose specialized insurance solutions for all types of projects. The process starts with our team analyzing the risks inherent to your business. We possess the expertise and insurer relationships that allow us to deliver optimal protection at the lowest cost. The following are some of our product offerings:

  • Course of construction covering both soft & hard costs
  • Delay in start up – loss of income
  • Permission to occupy during the course of construction
  • Contractors pollution liability
  • Wrap-up to cover all liability including subcontractors

Directors and Officers Insurance

In a world with increased litigation board members and officers can risk their personal asset in dealing with very costly proceedings.

The directors and officers liability insurance protects executives against personal liability and financial loss arising out of alleged misconduct within their duties.

This is one of the most complex types of insurance policies and our team of experts is on the cutting edge of what is available in the market place and will negotiate specific clauses and manuscript wordings to protect the board, its individuals and the company.

Professional Liability errors and omissions Insurance

Today’s professionals deal with a more demanding clientele that do not hesitate to litigate which has brought exposures to unprecedented levels.

All professionals are exposed and adequate insurance is thus indispensable and required to protect your assets and operations. This is what our specialized team offers, regardless of your area of expertise or the size of your business. With our risk management approach we will not only identify and analyze your exposures but will help lower your overall total cost of risk through prevention, mitigation, transfer and assumption.

Environmental and Pollution Insurance

Regardless of your business you are exposed to fines, litigation and reputational damages linked to pollution. Governments and the public are more sensitive to the effects your company may have on the environment.

When it comes to repairing damages caused to the environment the costs can be extensive and it is imperative that you protect yourself against this specific form of liability.

Depending on your industry our experts will perform the appropriate analysis and will help you choose amongst a variety of insurance products that correspond best to your business and the relevant exposures.

Special Events and Cancellation Insurance

For any event whether sports, music, festivals, community celebrations or movie productions, our experienced team will assess the risks inherent to your activities, then provide the means to effectively protect against them. We can offer coverage against lost of revenues due to reduced attendance or event cancellation. Some examples of exposures are as follows:

  • Damage to the premises where the event is to take place
  • Extreme weather such as hurricanes, typhoons or tornadoes which prevent staging the event or attendance by many participants
  • Strikes by employees of the hotel, convention centre, air traffic, public transportation and other infrastructure workers
  • Withdrawal by the authorities of the obtained licenses and permits
  • Late or non-arrival of items essential to the event such as performers, AV equipment, exhibit items, etc.
  • Non-appearance of a large number of participants
  • National mourning
  • No access to the venue

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers, acquisitions or liquidations can bring unexpected risk that can affect future revenues or profits.

Consilium develops solutions that help either the purchaser and/or the vendor. These solutions can insure the success of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, structured finance transactions or recapitalizations. Rather than having funds held in escrow a representations and warranties policy can be the perfect solution and often save a transaction.

  • Due-diligence analysis of the exposures and insurance portfolio of the potential business to be purchased.
  • Identify and optimize the impact to your insurance portfolio when integrating these new exposures.
  • Identify the risks where an insurance solution is possible such as covering the representations & warranties or any other identified potential liability.

Credit Insurance

The value of credit insurance goes beyond the reduction of risk and improves cash flow. This is a product that can help increase revenues, improve borrowing capacity, generate new sales opportunities and demonstrates sound corporate governance. We can insure all or some of your receivables. This coverage protects your accounts receivable from loss due to credit risks such as protracted default, insolvency or bankruptcy. Trade Credit Insurance can include a component of political risk insurance which is offered to insure the risk of non-payment by foreign buyers due to currency issues, political unrest, expropriation etc.

Combined Commercial, Property and General Liability Insurance

Consilium offers a wide range of protection to help businesses manage their risks, including, property, business interruption, machinery breakdown, general & professional liability and employment practices liability to name a few.

Our brokers provide support and advice to your business to protect against catastrophic, business and strategic risk. Our risk management approach we will not only identify and analyze your exposures but will help lower your overall total cost of risk through prevention, mitigation, transfer and assumption.

Let us be partners in your success!

Transport and Fleet Insurance

Transport and fleet managers face numerous risks that can compromise the sustainability of their business. Consilium will help develop an insurance program for your transport and logistics risks. We create tailored solutions for your business and offer a quick turnaround in providing required documentation such as certificates, proof of insurance etc.

  • Trucking and company automobile fleets
  • Towing services
  • School bus fleets
  • Railway transport companies
  • Rental companies
  • Limousine and taxi services

As an independent insurance broker Consilium will provide transport insurance that will meet the needs of your business at the most competitive price.

Cargo Insurance

It takes experience in your industry in order to advise you effectively and offer you customized protection. Consilium’s team of professionals are well versed in import and export and national and international marine exposures.

With our competence, vast experience we can offer an insurance protection adapted to your specific needs.


The need to supply bonds can happen at every stage in the life of a business, weather the firm is well established or in the various stages of evolution our bonding experts have the financial background and know-how to negotiate custom solutions with the surety companies. Below are some of the bonds we can offer:

  • Prequalification confirmation letters
  • Bid bonds
  • Performance bonds
  • Labour & material payment bonds
  • Maintenance or warranty bonds
  • Lien bonds
  • Various commercial surety bonds such as license bonds and customs bonds
  • Financial institution bonds
  • Licensing bonds (i.e. RBQ)

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