Industry sectors

Entertainment, Sports and Leisure Insurance

The exposures related to these activities, including increased global competition, have evolved considerably in the last few years. The risks change constantly and therefore need to be reassessed on a regular basis.

Our specialized team will first assess your tolerance to risk followed by an analysis of the risks inherent to your organization. We will then propose innovative solutions to reduce your exposure and total cost of risk. Some products examples are:

  • Amateur and professional sport insurance
  • Cinema and film insurance products
  • Special events insurance (shows, events, conventions)
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Exhibition, circus, and carnival insurance
  • Insurance for the key individuals (career ending life, disability and critical illness insurance products)

Agriculture Insurance

Farmers face a number of risks everyday that can lead to disastrous financial consequences. Whatever you produce (cattle, fruits & vegetable, maple syrup, etc.), Consilium can provide you with a wide range of insurance products to protect your assets. Some exposures you may want to cover are; general liability, loss of income, product recall, farm equipment, animals (named perils and/or disease), crops, and much more.

Hotels, restaurants and bars

Consilium Insurance has developed an expertise in this field and insures many prominent establishments. Whether you are the owner of a fine dining establishment, an upscale bar, a bistro or a hotel Consilium will assess the risks facing your industry and will recommend the appropriate coverages. Not only can we offer competitive premiums we are committed to settle any claims quickly and to your full satisfaction.

Real Estate and Property Management

We know and understand the specific risks surrounding commercial and residential real estate. By choosing Consilium you will be partnering with specialists who understand the intricacies of your business weather you are a developer, an owner, a property manager or a director of your condominium association.

Our team of experts enjoys an enviable reputation in the marketplace and will propose innovative solutions to protect your precious assets.

Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers

In order to remain competitive we understand that each decision must provide a return on investment. We are fully aware of the realities faced by manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, and can offer tailored solutions that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Retail sales

No matter the size, retail stores face a wide variety of risks that must be managed to safeguard the continuity and profitability of its operations. Whether you are a franchisor or franchisee or independent store you face risks that could be potentially devastating if not properly identified and covered.

Our team of experts will find innovative solutions to protect you against these risks.

Food industry

Emerging risks threaten the agricultural and food business. Issues such as food contamination, supply chain risk management, product tampering, security, genetically modified organisms, may have devastating impacts if they are not properly identified and protected. Furthermore, the implementation of solid risk management plan can help you survive in the event of a crisis. Our team of experts will find innovative solutions that will address the inherent risks linked to your operations.

Professional Services

Professionals must answer to an increasingly demanding clientele, firm deadlines and fierce competition all while trying to avoid making mistakes. In a business environment exposed to significant risk our highly trained team of experts will tailor insurance solutions to cover errors and omissions arising from you professional activities

Transport, Cargo and Marine Insurance

We provide risk management solutions with our in-depth knowledge of your industry. Consilium specialises in all types of transportation sectors. We have developed an expertise based on service and can provide custom solutions to maximize coverage at the lowest possible cost.

Health Sciences

Consilium’s Health Sciences’ group develops risk management plans to reduce, mitigate or transfer risks in the areas of biotechnology, medical supplies, pharmaceutical, medical research and healthcare.

Our competence, experience and relationships with national and international insurers allows us develop customized plans for your business.

Construction and Surety

Our in-depth knowledge of the construction industry allows our experts to offer innovative and competitive solutions, designed to meet your needs.

We have access to national and international insurers and offer solutions to help position your firm ahead of the competition.

Aerospace and Aviation

The aviation and aerospace sector is constantly evolving and we are up to date with the latest industry trends. We offer insurance solutions to manage, reduce, mitigate or transfer your risks. Some of our areas of expertise are:

  • Airlines
  • Aviation product manufacturers
  • Aviation repair
  • Airports and airport services
  • Private hull and passenger legal liability for both fixed & rotary wing
  • Any other flying equipment

Communications, Media, and Information Technology

The communication and technology industry is constantly evolving. Our team of experts understand these emerging risks and can offer custom and innovative solutions to these exposures.

Natural resources, Mining, Forestry and Energy

Globalization, mergers & acquisitions, fluctuations in commodity pricing and currency valuation are just a few of the realities your industry is facing. With our risk management approach we will not only identify and analyze your exposures but will help lower your overall total cost of risk through prevention, mitigation, transfer and assumption.

Financial Institutions

Weather you are in the business of providing investment advise for funds, equities or commodities, institutional trading, lending, corporate finance, investment banking or hedge funds we know how to identify the risks inherent to your business and specialize in negotiating the best possible terms and conditions. Our expertise in risk management can help protect against your strategic and business risks.

Weather you are looking for a Financial Institution Bond, Professional Errors or Omissions Liability insurance or Directors & Officers Liability insurance (including outside directorships) Consilium has the expertise to design insurance solutions specific to your needs.


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